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Front Range Geosciences

A continuous walk through seismic latent space

Front Range Geosciences innovates in fundamental seismic data processing technology. With a laser focus on near-surface geophysical modeling, we bring our decades of experience developing software such as the industry-leading FLATIRONS suite to the development of next-generation seismic software. Our new products, Phoenix and DeepTrace, increase the speed of processing workflows by orders of magnitude, while simultaneously increasing their quality and geologic accuracy with brand new geophysical algorithms.


DeepTrace is an A.I. designed to pick first breaks in seismic data at human-quality. Using DeepTrace, first break picking time can be reduced from weeks to hours.

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Phoenix is the near-surface processing suite for the next decade.

Improving upon the functionality and tooling found in competitive software, Phoenix massively increases processing speeds by allowing unlimited parallelization across distributed computing clusters. Process billions of traces in hours instead of weeks.

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